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Son of Yardbirds drummer jailed for 30 years for posing as charity volunteer to sexually abuse children as young as SIX

  • Son of British rock star Jim McCarty filmed himself abusing young children
  • Simon McCarty helped set up an orphanage and travelled the world offering ‘drum therapy’ to youngsters
  • However his position allowed him access to hundreds of children
  • He was caught when travelling through Hawaii when TSA officials found graphic child porn images in his laptop bag

Simon McCarty with his famous father, Yardbirds drummer Jim. McCarty has just been given a 30-year jail term for abusing children

By Kerry Mcqueeney

The son of British rock star Jim McCarty has been jailed for 30 years after posing as a charity worker to sexually abuse children as young as six.

Simon Jasper McCarty, son of the Yardbirds drummer Jim, filmed himself abusing young children while pretending to be volunteering for their well being.

Surrey-based McCarty – a musician like his father – is chairman of a charity which campaigns to protect street children in third world countries.


Ulterior motive: Simon McCarty with orphans in Nepal. He set up a charity campaigning to protect street children in third world countries

He helped to set up an orphanage in Nepal and travelled the world offering ‘drum therapy’ to children, claiming it would boost self-confidence and team building.

However, there was a more sinister motive behind his altruism. His position allowed him access to hundreds of children in the UK and aboard, who he photographed while he abused them.

McCarty was only caught when, while on a trip to Hawaii, TSA officials searched his laptop bag and discovered pictures of the abused children.

Hundreds more images and video clips of child porn were uncovered when they took a closer look at files on his laptop.

A further investigation revealed the 40-year-old had used his position of trust to abuse children, including a six-year-old from Nepal and a schoolboy from the West Midlands.

Around 400 indecent images and 200 video clips were found on McCarty’s laptop computer and hard-drive as he tried to enter Hawaii in 2008 for a percussion seminar.

Some of the home-made videos showed him committing serious sexual assaults on a boy in woodland and in a hotel room.

Specialist officers from West Midlands Police’s child online safeguarding team (Cost) identified the victim as a 10-year-old boy from the region.


About 400 indecent images and 200 video clips were found on McCarty’s laptop computer and hard-drive as he tried to enter Hawaii in 2008 for a percussion seminar

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McCarty’s defence had earlier moved to suppress the evidence, saying it was the result of an unlawful search and violated the Fourth Amendment.

In his court filing, defence attorney William Harrison noted that ‘airport screenings are considered to be administrative searches… where the essential administrative purpose is to prevent the carrying of weapons and explosives aboard aircraft.

‘We believed that the TSA agents didn’t have to go through the photographs in order to look for safety concerns in the bag. They did so.’

McCarty helped to set up an orphanage in Nepal and travelled the world offering ‘drum therapy’ to children, claiming it would boost self-confidence and team building

Harrison added: ‘All the production did happen outside the US – the UK and other places.

‘The problem is you can’t under US law actually bring or transport those photographs and/or videos into the US and possess them.’

As part of his McCarty’s defence, his attorney also claimed the encounters ‘were all consensual, although at that age you can’t consent to it’, and that, ‘there was nothing that was any type of physical type of duress’.

The legal fight went from U.S. District Court in Honolulu up to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and back, before the government prevailed. Two weeks before the long-awaited trial, McCarty pleaded guilty to the charges.

His father, Jim McCarty, played drums with the legendary rock and roll band famous for hits such as ‘For Your Love’ and ‘Heartful Of Soul’, but who were more famous for launching the guitar careers of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors did not pursue charges relating to other minors that appeared in the clips.


Rock stars: Simon’s father Jim (second from right) with his fellow Yardbirds (from left to right) Keith Relf, Chris Droja and Jimmy Page

Through a painstaking and delicate interview process the youngster from the West Midlands eventually confided in officers and detailed a catalogue of rape and sexual assaults over a 14-month period between 2005 and 2006.

McCarty admitted to having sexual relations with three children aged 11, 10 and 6. Two of the victims were from the UK and the third was from Nepal.

McCarthy, from Surrey, admitted rape, sexual assault and making child pornography before a court in Honolulu today and was sentenced to spend the next 30 years in a federal detention centre.

Detective Inspector Kay Wallace, from the West Midlands Police Cost team, said: ‘This was a very challenging case and involved international co-operation with U.S. authorities, working across different jurisdictions, over several years.

‘At one stage McCarthy lodged an appeal saying customs officials had abused their position by checking his possessions in such detail at the airport – but all the parties worked together to oppose the appeal and ultimately secure his prison sentence.

‘Much of the evidence in the case centred on the testimony of the West Midlands boy we identified as being among his victims.

‘Officers from our Cost team are trained to interview young, potentially traumatised victims in a sensitive way. Over a period of several days the boy, who initially denied being abused, eventually felt comfortable enough to open up to officers and reveal the extent of McCarthy’s offending.’

McCarthy – who founded a company called Talking Drums – was travelling through Hilo airport, Hawaii, on August 5, 2008, when a screener discovered nude photographs of children inside his laptop case.

He was detained on suspicion of ‘transporting child pornography’ – a specific U.S. offence – and his computer equipment seized and forensically examined to reveal the stash of indecent images.

Officers at the UK Child Exploitation Online Protection centre traced one of his victims – a six-year-old boy – to the Kathmandu orphanage set up by McCarthy’s charity and an 11-year-old to an address in London.

They contacted West Midlands Police when a Trust charity worker recognised a further 10-year-old victim as being a boy living in the region.

Det Insp Wallace, said: ‘McCarthy used his charitable position to ingratiate himself into the boy’s family. He then shattered the family’s trust by abusing the victim. When the boy began realising the situation was abusive he refused to comply with McCarthy’s requests. McCarthy then disassociated himself from the family.

‘I’d like to praise the bravery of the young boy by revealing the abuse and confiding in our officers – his evidence was crucial in placing this sexual predator behind bars for most of his remaining life.’

McCarty senior made no comment at the time of his son’s guilty plea.

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