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Operation Algebra

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill today met members of the Operation Algebra investigative team at Craigmillar Police Station in Edinburgh which helped gain convictions against a paedophile ring earlier this week.

Afterwards he said:

“Operation Algebra is a historic case and a landmark for our criminal justice system, as it involves the first ever convictions in Scotland for conspiracy to commit abuse against children.

“It means that not only those who commit abuse – but also those who plot such crimes – can expect to be caught and treated with the full severity of the law.

“Developments both in the techniques employed by investigators and the nature of the prosecution mean that those who use the internet to plan crimes of abuse against children know that we can find them and they will be punished.

“Truly appalling crimes were uncovered and the perpetrators successfully brought to justice thanks to the outstanding work of the police officers and prosecutors involved in Operation Algebra, and as a society we are deeply grateful for the work they do, day-in day-out.

“However, Operation Algebra could result in further prosecutions and will also assist police and justice authorities in other parts of the world, who will benefit from the excellent work of the Scottish criminal justice system in helping to bring appalling crimes against children to the attention of the law, and to justice.”

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