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121 Brits arrested in paedo ring bust

A PAEDOPHILE ring has been blown wide open and nearly 200 alleged sickos arrested — 121 of them in Britain — in an international UK-led policing operation.

Cops in several countries have arrested 184 people suspected of being members of an online paedophile ring — and rescued 230 children in the process.

It was “the biggest case of its kind”, Europol revealed. The latest arrest happened just yesterday in Northamptonshire.

The massive inquiry was headed by the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and those held included school teachers, taxi drivers, IT consultants and scout masters.

CEOP’s boss and UK police chief Peter Davies said: “The scale and success of Operation Rescue has broken new ground.

“Not only is it one of the largest operations of its kind to date, and the biggest we have led, it also demonstrates the impact of international law enforcement agencies working together with one single objective – to safeguard children and bring offenders to justice.”


Grant Edwards, of the Australian Federal Police (right), Peter Davis (center) of the U.K.’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, Europol director Rob Wainwright outline details of arrests during “Operation Rescue” linked to a global child abuse network during a news conference in The Hague Wednesday.

A total of 120 suspects were detained in the UK. Every one of the suspects were members of the forum that promoted sex between adults and young boys.

It was set up as a discussion-only site but some users used connections made through the pages to share vile material via email, including films of child abuse.

The Operation Rescue probe began three years ago and targeted an online network whose server was based in the Netherlands. It attracted nearly 70,000 members across the world at its height and has since been taken down.

At the start of the investigation in 2007, British and Australian covert police internet teams infiltrated the site and targeted those people posing the highest risk to children – as many members revealed their true job descriptions.

CEOP located the owner of the website in 2009 and traced the server to the Netherlands, at which point Europol joined the inquiry. mpu

Of those arrested in the UK, one was a woman and 33 have been convicted. The age range for those detained ranged from 17 to 82.

Europol director Rob Wainwright said despite the number arrested, 670 suspects in total were identified.

He said: “This is already the biggest case of its kind we have ever seen.

“I can confirm that this is one of the most successful police operations in recent years in what is probably the largest online paedophile network in the world.”

Countries involved in the operation included Australia, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Spain, the UK and the United States.

The operation is continuing and more arrests are expected.

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