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The Other Side of Jimmy Savile


The late Jimmy Savile was British television royalty, but in death the real story of Savile’s life is now being told. (ITV)

The late Jimmy Savile was British television royalty. In life he was a DJ, the host of “Top of the Pops”, moving on to front the mega ratings family television program, “Jim’ll Fix It”. At the same time he raised millions of dollars for charity. But in death, the real story of Jimmy Savile’s life is now being told.

It’s the story of a man who can only be described as a sexual predator, who used his position to get close to young children, mainly girls, so he could rape and abuse them. In some cases he did this on the premises of his employer, the BBC.

Next on Four Corners, the story that first revealed the explosive details of Jimmy Savile’s secret life. Produced for Britain’s ITV network, it’s called “The Other Side of Jimmy Savile”. Speaking with some of the young women abused by Savile, the program builds a compelling case against the former television star. Already this report has rocked the BBC, embarrassed the British establishment and exposed the failure of authorities to take the issue of child sexual abuse seriously.

“The Other Side of Jimmy Savile”, reported by Mark Williams-Thomas and presented by Kerry O’Brien goes to air on Monday 19th November at 8.30 pm on ABC 1. It is replayed Tuesday 20th November at 11.35pm.

Exposure – The Other Side of Jimmy Savile by lebon666


Timeline: Jimmy Savile abuse allegations | BBC News | Nov 2012 – Allegations of sexual abuse by Sir Jimmy Savile continue to emerge after ITV broadcasts an investigation on 3 October. This timeline charts the presenter’s rise to fame, the claims against him and subsequent action by police and broadcasters. Most recent events appear first.

Peter Rippon Newsnight silence | ITV | 12 Nov 2012 – Peter Rippon, who stepped aside from his role as Newsnight editor after the programme decided not to run a report on Jimmy Savile’s alleged sexual abuse, refused to comment on whether the BBC programme could survive. Read the latest ITV News reports.

Savile and the BBC: Who’s Who | BBC News | 23 Oct 2012 – BBC director general George Entwistle told the Commons culture committee he did not believe management pressure had led to a Newsnight report into sexual abuse claims against Jimmy Savile being shelved. Find out who the BBC figures caught up in the affair are – and who is leading the two inquiries at the corporation.


George Entwistle was a prisoner of BBC bureaucracy | The Guardian | 18 Nov 2012 – The crisis-hit corporation needs a leader who is not trapped by protocol and can exert their authority, by Steve Hewlett.

New York Times raises questions about CEO’s role in Savile scandal | The Australian | 17 Nov 2012 – Mark Thompson came under further pressure over his claim that he heard no allegations against Jimmy Savile while he was director-general of the BBC.

Jimmy Savile’s BBC colleague Dave Lee Travis arrested | The Australian | 16 Nov 2012 – Radio and TV presenter Dave Lee Travis was reportedly arrested on Thursday as part of the British police investigation set up in the wake of allegations against his BBC colleague Jimmy Savile.

Letter Raises Questions About When BBC Ex-Chief Learned of Abuse Cases | New York Times | 15 Nov 2012 – A legal letter sent on behalf of Mark Thompson, the former director general of the BBC, raises questions about his assertions that he learned of accusations of sexual abuse against its longtime host Jimmy Savile only after leaving the corporation’s top job.

Jimmy Savile ‘engineered’ his TV shows to abuse children | The Telegraph UK | 13 Nov 2012 – Jimmy Savile engineered his hit television shows to gain access to children he could abuse, the former policeman who helped expose the late entertainer as a paedophile has claimed.

Complaint Ignored for Decades Is Heard at Last in BBC Abuse Case | New York Times | 10 Nov 2012 – No one listened to Deborah Cogger’s story. Not her teachers, who dismissed it as no big deal. Not her social worker, who accused her of making it up. Not the newspapers she called decades later, which said it was too explosive to publish.

Jimmy Savile was questioned by police investigating Yorkshire Ripper murders | The Guardian | 7 Nov 2012 – Jimmy Savile was questioned by police investigating the Yorkshire Ripper murders, a senior officer who worked on the inquiry has revealed… The Yorkshire Ripper… has defended Savile, who he claims is innocent and who he says befriended him during visits to Broadmoor high-security hospital.


A bonanza of blunders at the BBC | The Drum | 14 Nov 2012 – If one lesson can be taken from the mess that the BBC is in, it is that someone should run the public broadcaster. And someone else should take ultimate editorial responsibility for its vast journalistic output. ABC’s Jonathan Holmes says no human can do both.

Opinion: The way we look at women is worrying, even when it’s women doing the looking | The Guardian | 9 Nov 2012 – Britain is currently engulfed in scandal about abusive paedophilia. Everyone understands what paedophilia is and why it is dangerous and perverse. But this might also be a good time to ask whether more generally pervasive ideas that link attractiveness to sex and sex to youth are a bit dangerous and perverse as well. By Deborah Orr.

Total number of BBC staff accused of sexual misconduct TRIPLES in two weeks to 29 | The Daily Mail UK | 4 Nov 2012 – Sexual misconduct complaints lodged with the BBC’s investigations unit now amount to allegations against almost 30 staff and presenters at the corporation, it was revealed today.

Audio: Jimmy Savile and the BBC | Radio National | 26 Oct 2012 – What do the allegations about the late TV presenter Jimmy Savile tell us about trust? And what responsibility does the BBC have in all this? We speak with a British philosopher and one of the many Brits who grew up watching Jimmy Savile.

Giving Jimmy Savile victims their voice | BBC | 24 Oct 2012 – One begins to lose track of how many inquiries and investigations the Jimmy Savile scandal has spawned. Amid the soul-searching that follows such revelations, there are always demands that lessons be learned so nothing like it “can ever happen again”.

Mark Williams-Thomas | @mwilliamsthomas – A former police detective, who specialised in child protection and major crime, Mark Williams-Thomas presents the ITV’s investigation into allegations that the TV icon Jimmy Savile sexually abused vulnerable teenage girls.


Adults Surviving Child Abuse ASCA | 1300 657 380 – ASCA provides professional support, education and training programs, as well as a trauma-informed approach to care to improve the lives of adults abused as children.

Kids Helpline | 1800 551 800 – A free, private and confidential, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25.

Lifeline Crisis Support | 13 11 14 – If you need someone to talk to urgently you can call Lifeline on their 24-hour crisis support line.

National Child Abuse Prevention Helpline | 1800 99 10 99 – The Child Wise National Child Abuse Prevention Helpline is a toll free number that provides Australians with access to expert advice from trained counsellors and an opportunity to speak up about child abuse.…child-wise-national-child-abuse-prevention-helpline

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